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1715 E Wilshire Ave
Santa Ana, CA, 92705
United States

(714) 558-3091

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Artist: Aoi Kitaguchi

As Aoi was working for a major apparel brand for many years, he has developed the idea of making cool products at a larger size, that he couldn’t find for himself. He built the brand with a theme of “Eating” and all items are centered around his love for food. The name of “FATCollege” comes from his idea in creating a place like a school for all people who love to eat.

Q1: What is your brand name? 


Q2: Why did you start this brand?

To spread the cool XL and XXL size products more to the world.

And gain more Positive image of “Fat” in the world.

Q3: Where do you get the inspiration when you are working?

I get inspiration from Food and the taste of people who make something so dam in seriously.

Q4: What US character you recall at first?


Q5: What would you like to do if you come to US?

Go to Supermarket and Eat Food

Q6: Who is your favorite artist?

Taro Okamoto and Zenone.

Q7: What is your favorite Ramen Soup?

Tonkotsu Flavor Ramen.

Q8: What is your favorite Donut flavor?

All of them.

Q9: What is your favorite way to spend the time?

Eating with my friends.