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1715 E Wilshire Ave
Santa Ana, CA, 92705
United States

(714) 558-3091


Market in Downtown LA

Yuske Namba

In Japan, where the PONY GO ROUND design headquarter is located, there are people in different fields of creativity, striving for excellent craftsmanship, sharing one common desire; to create something better. Before we know it, PONY GO ROUND was surrounded by such passionate artists and craftsmen.

PGR California started from our desire to share the crafts of such wonderful crew in the country that we live in. As a first step, we took part in ARTISTS & FLEAS MARKET that took place in the Arts District in Downtown LA last weekend.

We are delighted to have these people under the blue sky in California touch and feel our apparels and small goods that came all the way across the pacific. It is our mission to share these lovely works of art, inspired by American culture and hand made by Japanese delicate craftsmanship, all around the globe.