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Terrible Two's Today's Temper

Yuske Namba

"Terrible twos" is universal.

Even in Japanese twitter, you can find a hashtag named "terrible two's today's temper"

- Wanting to stack up a building block as high as possible, but having to destroy everything in rage after a minor wreck. Of course, helping out results in another furious destruction.

- Wailing over a pajama that their parents helped them wear against their will of doing it themselves.

- Running across a parking lot, committed not to hold hands or to be carried by their parents.

- Continuing to cry after seeing a straw in their drinks when they wanted to put in.

- Never accepting a praise or a compliment and crying, insisting they don't want to be praised.

In the midst of it, we all know that the parents are the ones that really want to cry. However, being a mother that went through all of those a while ago, tormented by the little devilish creatures that are unpleasant about everything that is beyond their control, I almost might even miss those days.

So, as soon as they stopped crying, get them to wear their favorite shoes, and go search for a sign of spring that is right around the corner!