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Valentine's Day for Everyone

Yuske Namba

No matter how old you are, Valentine's Day is still an exciting day for both adults and kids. Picking out presents and preparing gifts, thinking about that special person, can bring joy and happiness to anyone involved.

Showing love and care is the most important thing about Valentine's Day. Therefore, it's not limited to your lovers. That special person can be your friends, family members, teachers, or anyone.

Before Valentine's Day, our children write Valentine's Day card to all of their classmates, and when they get home from school on the day of, they seem to have fun reading all the Valentine's Day cards they received.

In Japan, Valentine's Day is almost like a festivity. The reason for such is that in Japan, Valentine's Day is a day for girls to give boys a chocolate, and not the other way around. There is a separate day intended for boys to do the same thing for girls.

That is why, in February, malls are packed with girls of all ages buying chocolates, making it difficult for the boys to get close to them.

Have a happy Valentine's Day :)