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Market in Downtown LA

Yuske Namba

In Japan, where the PONY GO ROUND design headquarter is located, there are people in different fields of creativity, striving for excellent craftsmanship, sharing one common desire; to create something better. Before we know it, PONY GO ROUND was surrounded by such passionate artists and craftsmen.

PGR California started from our desire to share the crafts of such wonderful crew in the country that we live in. As a first step, we took part in ARTISTS & FLEAS MARKET that took place in the Arts District in Downtown LA last weekend.

We are delighted to have these people under the blue sky in California touch and feel our apparels and small goods that came all the way across the pacific. It is our mission to share these lovely works of art, inspired by American culture and hand made by Japanese delicate craftsmanship, all around the globe.




Artists and Fleas at Downtown LA on April 18& 19

Yuske Namba

We are excited to announce PGR California will be at the upcoming “Artists & Fleas Market” in Downtown LA on April 18th and 19th.

Please come by to see and feel for yourself, our one of a kind products.

PONY GO ROUND/ Clothing for kids who love sunshine and daydreams

SUNNYGOWORKS/ Handmade iPhone case with used/ vintage fabrics

CANVAS/ Handmade canvas bag

FAT COLLEGE / Original lunch bag, Original bandana

WOODRIP / Handmade Smiling Sun Mobile, Handmade sticky roller holder

My First Surfboard / Kids friendly and safe surfboard with your drawing

Terrible Two's Today's Temper

Yuske Namba

"Terrible twos" is universal.

Even in Japanese twitter, you can find a hashtag named "terrible two's today's temper"

- Wanting to stack up a building block as high as possible, but having to destroy everything in rage after a minor wreck. Of course, helping out results in another furious destruction.

- Wailing over a pajama that their parents helped them wear against their will of doing it themselves.

- Running across a parking lot, committed not to hold hands or to be carried by their parents.

- Continuing to cry after seeing a straw in their drinks when they wanted to put in.

- Never accepting a praise or a compliment and crying, insisting they don't want to be praised.

In the midst of it, we all know that the parents are the ones that really want to cry. However, being a mother that went through all of those a while ago, tormented by the little devilish creatures that are unpleasant about everything that is beyond their control, I almost might even miss those days.

So, as soon as they stopped crying, get them to wear their favorite shoes, and go search for a sign of spring that is right around the corner!


Valentine's Day for Everyone

Yuske Namba

No matter how old you are, Valentine's Day is still an exciting day for both adults and kids. Picking out presents and preparing gifts, thinking about that special person, can bring joy and happiness to anyone involved.

Showing love and care is the most important thing about Valentine's Day. Therefore, it's not limited to your lovers. That special person can be your friends, family members, teachers, or anyone.

Before Valentine's Day, our children write Valentine's Day card to all of their classmates, and when they get home from school on the day of, they seem to have fun reading all the Valentine's Day cards they received.

In Japan, Valentine's Day is almost like a festivity. The reason for such is that in Japan, Valentine's Day is a day for girls to give boys a chocolate, and not the other way around. There is a separate day intended for boys to do the same thing for girls.

That is why, in February, malls are packed with girls of all ages buying chocolates, making it difficult for the boys to get close to them.

Have a happy Valentine's Day :)

Have you Seen Groundhog yet?

Yuske Namba

I was invited by the beautiful weather outside to my backyard with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Even though my backyard was untouched during the cold, I spotted a tiny pink flower bloomed in the corner and a hummingbird hovered over. 

Spring is just around the corner.

By spotting a flower or a pinecone and touching the soil, children’s senses are stimulated and they feel at ease.

Why don’t you go outside to the yard with your kids?

Please don’t forget to take your hat with you!